Highly-paid speakers aren't lucky; They're trained.
We Help You...
 Get More Bookings
 Get Higher Fees
 Build Your Business
Ever see a bad speaker you knew was getting paid?
 You secretly thought, “I know I'm at least that good. How did THEY get paid?”

#1 The event planner knew about them, but was unaware of you. You need a marketing plan.

#2 The thing that stops many emerging speakers is they are not convinced of their own value, and they're afraid to ask for money.
A great marketer will easily out-earn a great speaker.
Highly-paid speakers aren't born; they’re trained. 
"If someone would just book me, I'd speak all the time." -Dreamer
That's a pipe dream! So would 20,000 other speakers! 
That's not reality.
If Your Message Matters,
We Help You Tell Your Story
So Your Audience Loves You & You Monetize Your Message
3 Essential Questions You MUST Answer "Yes" to, 
or You Will Not Get Paid to Speak
1) Are you eager to learn exactly what you need to do?

2) Are you willing to put in the effort?

3) Do you have a message you are passionate about?
If you can't answer "Yes!" to all 3 questions, 
we can't help you Get Paid to Speak.
Find the audiences that 
will pay for your expertise.
We’ll show you how to find them, inspire them, 
and turn them into lasting clients.
Who am I? I'm Darren LaCroix, I started my speaking business in 1994 after a failed business forced me to live with my parents. While broke and frustrated, I listened to a motivational tape a friend gave me, and I was hooked.  I then dreamed of inspiring people like his heroes Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy.

But I had some problems. I had no content, no stage presence and no big story. I also lacked a business plan. It took me years to figure it out. Finally, in 2001 I was able to quit my day job to become a full-time professional speaker. Now, I'm the only speaker in the world who is a World Champion of Public Speaking, an Accredited Speaker (Toastmasters), and a Certified Speaking Professional (National Speakers Association).

I understand what it takes to start from scratch, and I want to help you avoid the years of struggle I endured.


That is why I created Stage Time University and teamed up with my marketing mentor, Business Growth Specialist, Ford Saeks, CSP. We've got a plan for you.
We've helped over 400 Speakers 
Get Paid to Speak in 16 Countries.
Who can benefit from Stage Time University?
  •  Coaches who want to build their business through speaking
  •  Entrepreneurs who want to increase their influence
  • Professional speakers who want more bookings
  •  Authors who want to build a business & sell more books
  •  Emerging speakers who want to get started quickly
Business Mastery
"HOW TO" Business Mastery Programs
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Presentation Mastery
"Step-by-Step" Presentation Mastery Programs
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Live Video:
Mastermind Calls
Ask the expert Business 
Coaches 2x per month
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1. Pick Your Program
2. Ask the Experts
3. Start Getting Paid
Here is Your Path. Go at Your Own Pace.
7 Ways Stage Time University is Different:
  • Instant Access to All Programs: Other programs make you wait
  • Learn Directly from World Champion Coaches: You aren't getting regurgitated content 
  • Get Feedback on Your Business: We'll critique your website, LinkedIN profile, YouTube, etc. 
  •  We Care More About Your Growth than $: We keep first-class learning affordable
  •  Live Calls Each Week with Our Faculty: Ask Darren & Ford your business-building questions
  •  We Make Learning World-Class Techniques Fun: Who wants boring training?
  •  We are Family: Check out our private Facebook Group
What if you spent time each week with 
two of the best speakers and business coaches?
Join Stage Time University Business Faculty;

Business Growth Specialist, Ford Saeks, CSP 
and Darren LaCroix, CSP, AS, World Champion Speaker

What if they were in your top five?
You Might Be Wondering...
Can I really get paid to speak?
 Watch 0:51
How is this community different?
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How do I get started?
 Watch 2:15
Stage Time University - Business Mastery
What's the Investment?
How much is it costing you each day to not fully understand the speaking business? If your social media is not driving traffic to your website, your strategy is not working. If people are not excited to talk to you after your presentation and ask for more, you are missing clients. If you are not getting spin-off business every time you present, something needs to be fixed. If your proposals are not getting accepted, some tweaks are needed. 
We will show you how.
What do speaking industry leaders 
say about Darren & Ford?

"Darren helps them get where they want to go ..."

You know, everyone roots for the underdog—but Darren helps them get where they want to go 
against seemingly insurmountable obstacles. [Darren] gives you the courage, the persistence, 
the determination, and the sense of humor to overcome any obstacles in life.

— Brian Tracy, professional speaker who speaks to over 250,000 people each year
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Get Ford & Darren's Experienced Insights:
#1 Find out what clients REALLY pay for
#2 You don't need big credentials to get big fees
#3 How marketing is always changing. You must get this!
Which programs can you access immediately? ALL OF THEM!
Business Mastery Programs
FREE BONUS: Presentation Mastery Programs
  • Get Paid to Speak by Next Week®: Start Getting Paid & Build the Foundation
  • Say What?: How to Find the Best Topics for You
  •  Multiple Streams of Speaking Income: Multiply Your Effort
  •  YouTube It!: How to Profit From 'Free Web Videos'
  •  PLUS Live Group Calls with Ford & Darren: Ask anything!
  •  PLUS Private Business Mastery Facebook Group
  • Create Your Keynote by Next Week: Create a World-Class Presentation
  • Secrets of Storytelling: How to Keep Them on the Edge of Their Seats
  • Get More Laughs by Next Week: Create Your Own Humor Step-by-Step
  •  Own the Stage: How to Make an Average Speech Awesome
  •  PLUS LIVE Weekly Group Calls with Coaches: Ask anything!
  •  PLUS Member-to-Member Feedback & Mini-Coaching on Calls
These programs individually add up to $5,440

You can get monthly (or) annual access to all of them.
$770 annual Membership (2 months free) or
$77 per month
Annual Membership $770 (2 Months FREE)
Monthly Membership $77
 Get world-class insights & easy-to-navigate  
  Curious? Watch this quick sneak-peek inside to see what you get.
What do our members say about STU - Business Mastery?

Darren and Ford turn a seemingly impossible subject – getting paid to speak – into a totally achievable task ...

I didn’t expect it, but I did actually make money speaking the first year. Now, I have at least one PAID speaking opportunity lined up for 8 out of the next 12 months so far; and several more promising opportunities are in the works. Darren and Ford turn a seemingly impossible subject – getting paid to speak – into a totally achievable task. I had no experience, and had never been paid to speak before. Now, in just a few short months of studying with Darren and Ford, this dream of getting paid to speak is beginning to blossom. Don’t reinvent the system and learn how to do this the hard way. Learn from the experts, as they show you the way, give you much needed feedback, and share million-dollar resources to help expedite your success. Could it get any better?

— Frances Arnold-Johnson, Edmonds, WA 
Registered dietician who helps audiences love the foods that love them back
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Business Mastery:
Discover how to get more bookings, higher fees, and 
build your business. 
Annual Membership $770 (2 Months FREE)
Monthly Membership $77