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Highly-paid speakers aren't lucky; They're trained.
Do you want to...?
 Get More Bookings
 Get Higher Fees
 Build Your Business
If Your Message Matters,
We Help You Find Your Audience...
...So They Love You & You Get Paid 
to Deliver it

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for the 3 Essentials to Get Paid to Speak

We give you the 3 essentials 
you need to Get Paid to Speak
All in one place.
You Get Essential # 1: World-Class DIRECTION
Here is your path. Go at your own pace.
World-Class "How to" Programs
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 Get Paid to Speak by Next Week®
 Business 101
 Business Shortcuts
 Say What? (Choosing Your Topic)
 Multiple Streams of Speaking Income
 "YouTube It!"
 Create Product Now!
 Mastering Back of Room Selling...
 Mastering Virtual Presentations
You Also Get Essential #2: World-Class CORRECTION (Mentoring)
Mentoring from decades of experience.
Business Mentoring Calls 2x per month
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And You Get Essential #3: World-Class Skills "How to" Programs
Anyone can take the stage. We show you how to own it.
 How to Create & Structure a Presentation
 How to Tell Unforgettable Stories
 How to Get More Laughs in Your Next Presentation
 How To Dramatically Improve Your Delivery
Want to present like a pro? Learn from the best pros in the world.

Meet Our Biggest Advantage, the Stage Time University Faculty;

World-Class Coach Jennifer Leone, Hollywood Story Expert Michael Hauge, 
World Champion Darren LaCroix, World Champion Mark Brown, 
Former Vegas Headliner Kevin Burke, and World-Class Coach Mike Davis
Join us and master your next presentation with expert guidance 
from some of the best coaches in the world.
We've helped over 1,600 Stage Time members 
from 46 countries have presentation breakthroughs.
Who can benefit from Stage Time University?
  • Coaches who want to build their business through speaking
  • Entrepreneurs who want to increase their influence
  • Professional speakers who want more bookings
  • Authors who want to build a business & sell more books
  • Emerging speakers who want to get started quickly
1. Pick Your Program
that you need.
2. Ask the Mentors
on LIVE Zoom Calls.
3. Start Getting Paid.
You Might Be Wondering...Meet Ford Saeks and hear what he'd tell you.
Can I really get paid to speak?
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How is this community different?
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How do I get started?
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Stage Time University - Business Mastery
What's the Investment?
How much is it costing you each day to not fully understand the speaking business? If your social media is not driving traffic to your website, your strategy is not working. If people are not excited to talk to you after your presentation and ask for more, you are missing clients. If you are not getting spin-off business every time you present, something needs to be fixed. If your proposals are not getting accepted, some tweaks are needed. 
We will show you how.
What do speaking industry leaders 
say about Darren & Ford?

"Darren helps them get where they want to go ..."

You know, everyone roots for the underdog—but Darren helps them get where they want to go 
against seemingly insurmountable obstacles. [Darren] gives you the courage, the persistence, 
the determination, and the sense of humor to overcome any obstacles in life.

— Brian Tracy, professional speaker who speaks to over 250,000 people each year
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Not ready to join us yet?
59-Minute Get Paid to Speak Free Training
Get Ford & Darren's Experienced Insights...
Get 3 Secrets in 59-Minutes:
√ Find out what clients REALLY pay for
You don't need big credentials
√ How to be aware changes in marketing
Get Paid to Speak & 
Be the Unforgettable Presenter.
These programs individually add up to $5,440

You can get monthly (or) annual access to all of them.
Annual All-Access
Business Mastery
One Year Membership
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Monthly All-Access
Business Mastery
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 Get world-class insights & easy-to-navigate  
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What do our members say about STU - Business Mastery?

Darren and Ford turn a seemingly impossible subject – getting paid to speak – into a totally achievable task ...

I didn’t expect it, but I did actually make money speaking the first year. Now, I have at least one PAID speaking opportunity lined up for 8 out of the next 12 months so far; and several more promising opportunities are in the works. Darren and Ford turn a seemingly impossible subject – getting paid to speak – into a totally achievable task. I had no experience, and had never been paid to speak before. Now, in just a few short months of studying with Darren and Ford, this dream of getting paid to speak is beginning to blossom. Don’t reinvent the system and learn how to do this the hard way. Learn from the experts, as they show you the way, give you much needed feedback, and share million-dollar resources to help expedite your success. Could it get any better?

— Frances Arnold-Johnson, Edmonds, WA 
Registered dietician who helps audiences love the foods that love them back
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Business Mastery
Annual Membership
Be on our next LIVE mentoring call!
Business Mastery
$97 per month
Be on our next live mentoring call!